About Open Seattle

Who we are

We welcome anyone who is interested in using technology to make civic improvements. Artists, writers, entrepreneurs, leaders, creative thinkers, and coders are invited to civic hacking nights and other events hosted by Open Seattle.

What we do

Open Seattle runs events focused on building the civic technology community in Seattle and building prototype solutions for local civic issues.


Find out when and where our next event will be at our Meetup page. In the meantime, take our short survey so we can get your info and get you oriented into the group!


Take a look at some of the cool ideas our members are working on. Bring an idea of your own to one of our project nights or join an existing group. Also, sign up for the Open Seattle email newsletter to get updates about our projects. Emails are sent at most once a week, and provide a look at what’s new with Open Seattle.

Code of Conduct

All participants in Open Seattle events and activities, including our Slack group, GitHub issues and other forums, must follow our Code of Conduct. Read it at openseattle.org/conduct.