30 July 2014

New to civic technology & Open Seattle? Here are some project ideas

  • Skills: Writing, Research
  • Time: However long you want to spend

LocalWiki a grassroots effort to collect, share, and open the world’s local knowledge. We want every community to have a community-created local knowledge commons that answers the question “where would I go if I wanted to learn everything there is to know about my community?”

Make sure that all the important information about your community is on the wiki.

City Website Research

  • Skill: Research
  • Time: It should be completable in one hack night.

An increasing amount of people are using smartphones as their only access to the internet. This research project helps us understand how cities are serving that population.

US City Census

  • Skill: Research
  • Time: Will take several hack nights to complete.

A national look at the state of open data for US cities. How does your city compare? An excellent tool to start advocating for specific datasets to be opened in your city. By Code for America, Sunlight Foundation, and the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Citizen Onboarding

  • Skill: UX
  • Time: One to several hacknights

A screenshot teardown of online government services.

City Website Dashboard

  • Skills: Access to city’s Google Analytics
  • Time: Super quick!

Show the live traffic on your city’s website! Put it on a big monitor right in city hall. Learn what real people are actually looking for on the site.

Add a nearby city to Click That Hood

  • Skills: Research
  • TIme: One hack night

Click That Hood is an awesome game where you’re shown a neighborhood name and you have to find the boundaries of that neighborhood on a map. Seattle is already added, but you can add other nearby cities.

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