7 April 2015

whatsmywage.org launch!

In early February, Anna Minard of Working Washington arrived at Open Seattle with an idea for a calculator to help workers determine their minimum age under the new minimum wage ordinance. Effective April 1st, employers in Seattle must increase their employees’ minimum wage over a four-year period until it reaches $15/hr. However, employees across the city may see the phase-in of $15 at a different scale and rate depending on the size of their employer and what benefits the employer offers.

“We wanted workers to know which category they were in so they would know whether they were being paid the correct minimum wage—and have an easy way to report it if they thought they weren’t getting what they’re owed,” says Minard.

The project’s biggest challenge would be to build something that both accurately interpreted the law and yet simple enough for anyone to access from their phone.


Along with this design, users can contribute information on their employer to the whatsmywage.org database. The calculater also forecasts a user’s future wage increases during the four-year phase-in period.

Andrew Gall spearheaded the backend development of whatsmywage.org first release, utilizing Ratchet CSS (more info at http://github.com/working-wa). The team’s priority is web development, and they’ve encountered some unique problems that Gall says, “Anyone familiar with internationalization would be helpful as that is one of our next tasks.”

Are you a web application developer? Do you have feedback for Anna and Andrew? Interested in their database? Send them your thoughts through github or email Anna at Working Washington. The team would love to hear from you. Great job, whatsmywage.org team!