20 July 2015

Code for Seattle becomes Open Seattle

Open Seattle officially became the new moniker for the former Code for Seattle brigade this month.

Members met on July 2nd at Socrata and discussed the new vision, structure, and goals for Open Seattle.

What’s new?

To focus on projects and to welcome people of backgrounds outside of technology, the new logo incorporates the passions of our Evergreen state with our goal to build connections between all the groups working on issues of civics. See more at openseattle.org.

Have ideas for improvements on the logo? We’d like to also speak to our roots on the Puget Sound, and our love of hexagons (hexagons!). View our logo issue repo here.

Our mission

We are a multi-disciplinary group working together to improve our communities through civic technology. All minds are welcome.

What’s in store

With a current following of nearly 1500 people on Meetup.com, the newly named Open Seattle will continue to foster tech and community engagement. Open Seattle hopes to form into a fully multi-disciplinary group, now meeting twice monthly, focused on collaboration and sharing skills outside of the technology sector.

We are proud of the all the projects that have come out of Code for Seattle, and the collaborative events we have organized. All of us are excited to keep some of the elements of Code for Seattle alive and to fuse these with our new mission. In doing so we are creating a rich and more diverse open project space.

Won’t you join us? Get oriented at https://github.com/openseattle/discuss/issues/16.