9 January 2016

Monthly project sprint #1

For 2016 we have a plan for producing more tangible, recurring output from Open Seattle. Each month we’ll have a 2-3 week sprint for producing small projects.

Each month, teams will declare their projects at our first event of the month at Socrata. These teams will then launch their work 2-3 weeks later at that month’s Open Project Night.

We have three projects for our first sprint! Two of the projects focus on Open Seattle itself and will improve our design work and expand our organizing capacity. The third project expands on the existing projects boundaries.seattle.io and seattle-boundaries

Organizing comittee & docs

Christina Montilla is putting together an organizing committee and documentation for all the duties related to running Open Seattle.

openseattle.org design changes

Seth Vincent is working on improvements to the design of openseattle.org. Work is in development at github.com/openseattle/style.

You can see a demo of the in-progress work here: openseattle.org/style

The end result of this work has two parts: openseattle.org will have a new design, and the style repo will become a styleguide and reusable css that can be repurposed for new Open Seattle project & event websites.

More boundary file types

Andrew Sullivan is adding functionality to boundaries.seattle.io by adding endpoints that will provide topojson & shpfiles.

Launch at Open Project Night

Be there on Jan. 19 for the launch of these projects, to collaborate on other work, or to hang out and meet fellow civic-minded technologists. RSVP here: meetup.com/openseattle/events/227875136/