2 March 2016

Monthly project updates for February, 2016

Wondering what happened in February with the projects folks bring to Open Seattle events?

Here’s a brief roundup of some of the activity!

Hey Duwamish

For February, the Hey Duwamish team imported every community study conducted in Georgetown since 1977, categorized by progress and type of study. A new sidebar was also deployed, which will improve the UI as new datasets are added into Hey Duwamish. Also, a new “map pin spotlight” feature was implemented to help users focus on specific map points. Many thanks to our contributors Trevor Croxson, Tanner Lake, Layla Rowen, Nathaniel Blair-Stahn, David Valpey, and Nick Reid!

Which Georgetown waterfront?

The Georgetown Community Council, King County and the City of Seattle are interested in jointly pursuing a King County WaterWorks grant to design for better community access to the river and less polluted stormwater runoff in the Georgetown neighborhood. Hey Duwamish created this site to gather opinions on focus areas for the grant: http://gtvote.heyduwamish.org

boundaries.seattle.io & seattle-boundaries

The seattle-boundaries project is a collection of geographical boundaries related to Seattle, and boundaries.seattle.io is an API server that makes it easy to find out what boundaries a latitude/longitude point is inside. Over the past few weeks Seattle Police Department beats, precincts, and micro-community policing plan areas have been added, as well as improved neighborhood boundaries, and zoning for the city of Seattle.

Soda Playground

With SODA Playground Tim Clemans implemented design improvements, added a map of Socrata portals to the homepage with favicons, made the map show only portals with datasets returned in search as search, and started adding dropdowns to dataset columns that allow one to search for contain or startswith phrase, and do a $group= query.

Automatically redacting police video

Tim Clemans also made progress with a system for automatically redacting identifying features of people from police video. Here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgImasW4VvI

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