18 April 2016

Upcoming events: Fishackathon, NASA Space Apps, Open Project Night

You have a difficult decision this week: will you hack for fish or for space?

Fishackathon: April 22-24

Fishackathon Seattle is one of 41 simultaneous hackathons taking place worldwide, coordinated by the U.S. Department of State in an effort to inspire tech solutions to our global fishery challenges.

Fishackathon was established to congregate brilliant minds for the purpose of developing usable solutions to address the problem of worldwide overfishing. Overfishing harms the marine environment and diminishes the already meager income of small scale fishermen. Fishackathon brings together computer programmers to find innovative ways to collect and analyze data, and find solutions for unsustainable fishing practices.

Participants will be asked to hack on one of nine challenges related to sustainable fishing, which will be unveiled Friday, April 22. Teams can also choose a challenge of their own design.

RSVP here: http://fishackathon.co/seattle

NASA Space Apps Challenge: April 22-24

For 48-72 hours across the world, problem solvers like you join us for NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge, one of the largest hackathons in the universe. Empowered by open data, you collaborate with strangers, colleagues, friends, and family to solve perplexing challenges in new and unexpected ways – from designing an interactive space glove to natural language processing to clean water mapping. Join us on our open data mission, and show us how you innovate.

For more details and to register, see the official site at: https://2016.spaceappschallenge.org/locations/seattle-wa-usa

Open Project Night: April 27

Like the name suggests, this event is open to a lot of different activities, & our focus is on learning about & creating technology projects.

Some of the activities:

  • Work on civic technology projects with Open Seattle
  • Join Hey Duwamish!, a community of residents and stakeholders who are monitoring the cleanup of toxic waste in Seattle’s Duwamish River
  • seattle.io, API services & tools for building Seattle-focused apps

RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/openseattle/events/230183510/