13 July 2016

Upcoming Open Seattle events for July & August: projects, talks, & more projects

This Saturday, July 16: hang out & work on projects in Seward Park

More info: http://www.meetup.com/openseattle/events/232597796

Did you know that Seattle has an old growth forest, right in the middle of the city? Come join us for a good time at Seattle’s Seward Park. We will be building an arcade machine, working on the Hey Duwamish environmental cleanup platform, and just hanging out. Maybe we’ll read some books together. This will be a casual event, with a slushee machine, and maybe some snacks. But otherwise, you may want to bring your own foods!

July 27: Learn about public records & how to access them from the Seattle City Clerk & about research at UW focused on the impacts of neighborhood change on disadvantaged groups

More info: http://www.meetup.com/openseattle/events/232546905

Monica Martinez Simmons is the City Clerk for the City of Seattle. Her office provides legislative information resources and other public records, including public notices, City Council committee agendas, proposed legislation, and many other records. Her vision for the City Clerk’s Office is to help the public learn about what information is available to them and provide easier access to it through technology. Currently, she is seeking feedback regarding their online presence and public information, including approaches to web design that could be applied to the office’s public information portal.

Tim Thomas is a PhD candidate at the University of Washington, researching the impacts of neighborhood change on disadvantaged groups. Through his research he asks: are diverse neighborhoods really that integrated? Testing common assumptions and measures of diversity, this talk explores potential micro-segregation processes within diverse neighborhoods. Using a mixed methods analysis, this study examines the creation of diverse neighborhoods and potential factors leading to gentrification.

August 3: Work on projects at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

More info: http://www.meetup.com/openseattle/events/232598926/

Bring your projects to Open Project Night at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center! This event is open to a lot of different activities, but our focus is on learning about & creating technology projects. Learn to code, create a website, build a robot, or whatever technology learning or project you’re interested in.