21 February 2017

Meet the new Open Seattle organizers!

It is incredibly exciting to announce that we’ve found a cohort of wonderful people to act as volunteer lead organizers for the next year!

You’ll be hearing more from these folks over the coming weeks about the work they’ll be doing with Open Seattle and ways you can get involved.

Learn more about their goals for the next year at our Feb 22 event: https://www.meetup.com/openseattle/events/237616234/

Emily F. Keller

Emily F. Keller Emily F. Keller is a writer and researcher with projects on transportation access for people with disabilities, flooding impacts on New York City residents and infrastructure, ethical challenges in big data research, and the environmental costs of cloud data usage. With a masters degree in journalism, Emily has helped shape corporate responsibility and global philanthropy data at the Foundation Center, conducted research and managed projects at Data & Society Research Institute, and interviewed city officials and the public as a local news reporter and Census taker. She is excited to join Open Seattle as a volunteer lead organizer. Twitter: @EmilyFKeller

Audrey Le

Audrey Le Audrey Le is a media anthropologist and a recent transplant from NYC/Boston. She writes about hackathons across industries and continues to maintain strong ties with the civic, comparative media and health hacking communities in both cities. When she is not trying to trying to solve a problem in distributed learning,, she works to scale and align cultural movements in grassroots digital production.

Sasha Anderson

Sasha Anderson Sasha Anderson is a Senior Analyst for the Ballmer Group, where she is helping to build the most comprehensive open government data site available. Prior to this, she worked in local government for four years and received a NADO Innovation Award for using data visualizations to improve government projects. Sasha is passionate about using technology to increase civic engagement and looks forward to leading the charge with Open Seattle. Twitter: @sashananderson

Tiffany Chan

Tiffany Chan Having grown up in Seattle, I am rooted in local efforts and communities focusing on environmental and social justice issues. I value this work for it’s synergistic approach in connecting local and global, convention and innovation, and diverse groups of people. Beyond this, I’ve also gained a reasonable list of cafes ideal for meeting up - have you ever been to The Station cafe in Beacon Hill?! This is the neighborhood that I grew up in and am a proud Seattleite from there. The “Seattle Freeze” mentality wasn’t something I grew up with and I think it’s helped me understand the importance of networks, especially ones that break barriers and silos. I bring this outlook to the Open Seattle community and am looking forward to building our collective impact through civic tech.

Megan Bruce

Megan Bruce Megan became interested in civic technology after working in digital communications at a legal advocacy organization and seeing how projects like a national scorecard on juvenile record confidentiality and expungement laws and online tools to help youth expunge their records helped drive forward positive change. She currently works as a Release Manager at Curalate, a SaaS startup focused on adaptive commerce. She hails from the East Coast and most recently served as a co-organizer of TEDxWalnutStWomen and co-chair of WOMEN’S WAY’s Young Women’s Initiative, both in Philadelphia. Twitter: @MeganSBruce