26 June 2017

Seattle Working Group Targets the Misuse of Technology for Harassment and Abuse

Communications technologies and location-tracking software provide vast opportunities for interpersonal networking, information sharing and the collection of granular data to inform policy and research. Yet these technologies also have a more sinister application as mechanisms for perpetuating physical and emotional abuse. The popularity of anonymity features, the impracticality of erasing one’s digital footprint, and the prevalence of web platforms to observe and connect with a victim without defying a “no-contact” order makes these attacks particularly difficult to trace and stop.
26 May 2017

Seattle’s First Environmental Justice Hackathon

50 people gathered at Facebook on April 28-29th, 2017 for the first-ever environmental justice (EJ) hackathon in Seattle. They quickly organized into groups, based on ideas they had pitched the week before in a Facebook group with scaffolding from organizers.
21 February 2017

Meet the new Open Seattle organizers!

It is incredibly exciting to announce that we've found a cohort of wonderful people to act as volunteer lead organizers for the next year!
16 June 2016

Open Seattle June 2016 Meeting: Public Safety Data & Vision

Robin Jones of Sacrata on law enforcement reporting, and Jim Curtain of SDOT on Vision Zero - no traffic-related deaths or ijnuries in Seattle by 2030. Plus an update on the City of Seattle Open Data Policy, and announcements.
14 April 2016

Open Seattle April 2016 Meeting: Visualizing Data

Per Nilsson walked us through visualizing data using Formidable's Victory. Plus many announcments about great projects looking for help, and an update from Candace Faber on Seattle's Open Data Policy.
23 March 2016

Representing bike sharing data with music

You’ve heard about visualizing data, but what about 'audible-izing' it? Last year Dan Muldrew won the 'Most Creative' award from Pronto’s data challenge for his project to set bike station data to music, changing the notes of the song according to the number of bikes docked in the Pronto station. He picked days of the year to highlight, such as Bike to Work Day, MLK Day, and April Fools Day. Recently Katherine Boyd talked with him about how he developed the idea for turning data into sound.
28 February 2016

Mayor Murray signs City of Seattle’s new Open Data Policy

Friday, February 26th was an exciting day for Civic Technology in Seattle: Mayor Ed Murray formally signed the city’s new Executive Order on Open Data. The City of Seattle, the Sunlight Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies’ national What Works Cities initiative, the University of Washington, and citizens collaborated to bring the Open Data Policy to life.
1 March 2015

Featured project: High Ground Alert

Rob Letchworth, Yonas Berhe, and their team are developing an emergency evacuation program that will enable mobile users to find the fastest route to safety in the event of a large-scale natural disaster.
18 November 2014

Art + Civics + Code roundup

Our goals for Art + Civics + Code were to get artists & technologists teamed up on addressing civic issues, and to build projects related to public art in Seattle. One of the best outcomes of ...