Open Seattle Civic Tech Mixer

The Seattle Social Good Series Civic Mixer is an event for technologists, coders, data nerds, and designers to meet community organizations who are looking to get support from the tech community and launch new innovative projects.

Nonprofits and Community Organizations!

Meet coders, designers and data nerds who want to use their abilities for positive impact!


Meet organisations that need your skills to do good in the community!

Event Details

  • July 22nd
  • 10am - 4pm
  • @ General Assembly, Seattle


Event Information

If you are a social impact organisation thinking about how tech could help your mission, or a technologist looking to use your skills for good, this event is for you.

Technology is a powerful tool for change that many small community focused organisations lack access to, while technologists often find it difficult to build long lasting projects without a definite end user. We are aiming to change that by creating a new culture of partnerships and dialogue between these two communities.

The event will kick off with presentations and advice from speakers who have been involved with successful civic technology partnerships, a chance to mix with participants and showcase your organisation’s needs, plus a breakout room to talk in more detail with participants about potential projects.