Lead organizer application

We’re recruiting a cohort of volunteers to become lead organizers of Open Seattle for a 1-year term.

Women of color, LGBTQIA+ folks, people of color and other underrepresented folks are encouraged to apply!

Apply now

Read more about the application process & the volunteer lead organizer position:

What we’ll ask of you

  • 1-year term commitment
  • Attend monthly lead organizer meetings
  • Provide monthly update on activities at Open Seattle event
  • Attend events hosted by Open Seattle and other organizations to conduct outreach
  • Decide together which lead organizers will own specific responsibilities (tech, events, volunteer management, communications, fundraising, etc.)
  • Uphold, improve, & educate participants on Open Seattle code of conduct, contributing, and event policies.

What you’ll get to do

  • Training in community organizing
  • Lead a team on a specific aspect of Open Seattle operations
  • Support the Seattle civic tech community
  • Shape the future of Open Seattle

Application process

  • We’ll be accepting applications on a rolling basis.
  • Within 2 weeks of receiving the application, an appointment committee will work with the applicant to schedule a video or in-person interview (~ 20-30 minutes).

Appointment process

  • A committee of local community organizers will oversee the appointment process. This may be outgoing Open Seattle lead organizers, leaders of partner community organizations, or members of the board of the non-profit that fiscally sponsors Open Seattle.
  • If deemed a good fit, selected candidates will be contacted via e-mail and invited to meet with the current organizers for an onboarding session.

FAQ about becoming a lead organizer

Do I need to have prior experience working with Open Seattle?

No, prior experience with Open Seattle is not required.

Do I need to write code?

No, most of the responsibilities of a lead organizer do not include writing code.

How many hours per month are required?

There aren’t strict requirements. You’ll need to attend monthly events, and most work can happen whenever you have time throughout each week. A rough estimate might be 10-12 hours per month.

Is this a paid position?

No, Open Seattle is run completely by volunteers. Because it’s a volunteer position, there’s a lot of flexibility about when and where you complete your work.

Other questions?

Email us at hi@openseattle.org!