Organizing Open Seattle

Interested in what it takes to make Open Seattle keep happening? Want to get involved and contribute your skills?

This page describes many of the ongoing responsibilities of Open Seattle organizers and an application form for becoming a volunteer organizer.

Monthly event organizing

First event of the month:

  • informational, educational. focus on onboarding new folks & matching volunteers to projects.
  • talks about projects, hear from city staff about available data
  • pick projects that teams will take on to launch at the second event of the month

Second event of the month:

  • open project night
  • focus on shipping projects
  • launch projects started at first event of the month

At least one month before an event is held:

  • open an issue on the openseattle/discuss issues queue with initial agenda.
  • create an event on

Two weeks before an event:

  • Finalize the agenda
  • Create a post for about the event
  • send out emails via & newsletter

After an event:

  • Create a post for about what happened at the event, include photos.

Volunteer needs:

  • someone to create events on
  • someone to write & send newsletters promoting events, projects, & blog posts each week
  • someone to create a blog post before each event
  • someone to take notes & photos at each event, then create a blog post to publish within a day or two
  • could include live tweeting on the @open_seattle twitter account
  • someone to order food for open project night
  • someone to update slides for each event
  • someone to host each event: act as MC during introductions & talks


Want to gain experience in leading & organizing a community group? Apply for a volunteer organizer position.