Sponsoring Open Seattle


Open Seattle is a volunteer organization focused on supporting civic engagement & addressing local issues faced by Seattle residents.

Among the attendees of our events you’ll find excellent designers & developers you might hire, staff of local government you may want to collaborate with, & residents of Seattle with important feedback to give about the work you’re doing.

By participating in Open Seattle you’ll join a community interested in technology, digital equity, & community organizing.


There are three options for sponsoring Open Seattle: cash, time, & space.


Pay for the food, drinks, & other costs of running the monthly Open Seattle events.

Purchase in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year chunks.

1 month: $350 3 month: $1000 6 month: $1750 1 year: $3000


Establish part-time duties (10-15 hours/month) of an employee at your organization that include assisting with Open Seattle organizing. Scope of work to be agreed upon by employee and Open Seattle organizers.


Provide or pay for the location of Open Seattle events.

What sponsors receive:

  • recognition at 2+ events each month
  • chance to have representative or event host give 3-5 minute talk at each event about your organization
  • bring swag to events
  • answer questions & collect emails of interested attendees
  • logo & link on website, meetup.com, & in newsletters during each month
  • added to “all sponsors” list on website forever